“My Name is Sue! How do you do!” ~ Johnny Cash

My About Me page has a pretty fair bit of info already but here’s a fun little side note about my blog title.

My 20 year old daughter has a boyfriend who she has been together with since the beginning of their senior year in high school. They are winding up their second year of college so it’s been almost three years. That is crazy to me!

Believe it or not… I have YET to meet the boy. That is crazy to me also! So after about six months of them being together whenever I would ask about the boy, I would string together a list of names that began with the letter ‘S’ simply to annoy my daughter. His name is Scott… i think.
Hell I can’t even remember now.

I would say, “so how is Sylvester?”
daughter: “who?”
“oh. I mean Stanley. How’s Stanley?”
Daughter responding in an annoyed tone [it was working] “you mean Scott?”
“Scott? No, no. Not Scott. Sheldon. It’s Sheldon.”
Daughter in a deadpan voice, “No. It’s Scott.”
Me: “Samuel. It’s Sam isn’t it?”
Then I would walk away kind of mumbling to myself, “I think it’s Sylvester. Stanley? No, Sheldon.” And my voice would kind of trail off. : )

This went on for months.
So just before she graduated high school she and I went on a road trip for the Memorial Day three-day weekend. Kind of out of the blue she said, “I just texted Scott and told him you call him ‘Sylvester Stanley Sheldon Samuel.”
“Really. So what did he write back?”
[bzz bzz bzz]
Daughter peers down at her phone and says, “Tell him it’s actually Sue.”
So at this moment I point my finger at her, eyes really wide and the car begins to swerve a little in the lane as I yell out…

are ya ready? Certainly you know…

She (nor he) knew what I was talking about so I told her to look up the song and below is the video and song I introduced them both to.

So to you, A Boy Named Sue (Slyvester Stanley Sheldon Samuel)… this post and perhaps blog is a little tribute to you and my daughter. Treat her right boy or “you gonna die!!”


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