Day Three: A Penny for Your Thoughts OR…

… why I decided to start a blog.

I’m participating in WordPress’ Blogging University 101 and each day an “assignment” is given.

This one is kinda hard. I’m not sure why it’s so hard. I guess because I’m trying to keep some anonymity yet, paradoxically I’m using this very public venue that can be viewed from around the world.

Yes! around the world.  My stats page shows that their have been people who have visited here from Sweden, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece as well as the good ol’ U.S.of A.  It’s amazing and wonderful and bit nerve wracking at the same time.

Nerve wracking I suppose because I worry about my privacy. The conspiracy theorist in me worries about ‘Big Brother’ snooping into my digital files and using face recognition software to locate me and hunt me down for posting something about… I don’t know, think of something “they” would want to track me down for. I’m no Edward Snowden but what if I stumble upon some government secret that they don’t want anyone to know about and I post it for the world to see here on my blog.

[blink blink blink]

Ok, I’ve been watching too many ‘prepper’ videos on YouTube. I mean who the hell am I kidding? I’ve got all of 34 total views on this thing. It’s called “A Boy Named Sue”.  All anyone is going to think, especially the pervs at Homeland Security, is that I’m a transgender blogger or some guy sitting in his mom’s basement in his underwear with an identity crisis.  Which I am not, but if that’s your thing then hey… more power to ya.

Anyway, so why did I start this blog on such a visible medium like WordPress instead of writing in a hardcover journal I keep on a shelf or some other place even less seen like LiveJournal.  :mrgreen:

I said in my About Me page that I used to maintain another blog. I think I lost focus.

Actually no. That’s not it. You know what happened. I’ll tell you what happened. I got found. I got found by people who know me; in real life, church life, old high school buddies, old college friends, friends at work and sometimes those things simply don’t mesh. I couldn’t be completely and totally honest. At least I felt like I couldn’t.

Reminds me of that scene from Seinfeld where George freaks out over his worlds colliding.

Silly isn’t it. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about worlds colliding. Food for thought.


15 thoughts on “Day Three: A Penny for Your Thoughts OR…

  1. I love the humor in your writing! You definitely touch on some salient points, though. It’s an interesting situation when we feel more comfortable being open and transparent in an anonymous setting amongst strangers than we do with people who we know and interact with face-to-face on a daily basis.

    • sorry to hit reply with this comment, but i certainly agree with jenn. i guess that distinguish you from other bloggers because the humor in your writing comes out naturally. 🙂

    • a Boy Named Sue says:

      It is kind of odd isn’t it, Jenn? And Lady.
      I mean, the concept is sort of counterintuitive but yeah… there is a bit more comfort or perhaps the word is ‘ease’ in being completely honest with blogging pals via anonymity.

  2. I seriously dig your sense of humour! I also get your desire to keep some level of anonymity. But not to scare you or anything… but if “Big Brother” wanted to know who you are, he/she/it probably already does.

    It’s all good though. The authority is probably chuckling along like I am! 😀

    Keep up the Zero to Hero journey!

  3. a Boy Named Sue says:

    Thanks for stopping by Chris. I think you and I might have the same sort of writing style. I checked out your place and i really relate to your casual, kind of conversational way of writing. Glad you took the time to comment here.

    And now I’ve got at least one of the five I’m supposed to follow for today’s Blogging University 101 assignment.

  4. I completely feel you on the anonymity part. I always thought I wanted to be an actress or something, but the thought of everyone watching me create was enough to make my skin crawl, and so, I found writing. I always loved to write anyway and it was much easier to stay to myself and create rather than be front and center for everyone to see. Plus, I can be me while I’m hiding behind the keyboard. Glad I’m not the only one that feels safer here with strangers than surrounded by family and friends!

  5. It is amazing and sad that we feel more honest publishing to the world than we do with our day-to-day discussions. It must be that power button on the computer that makes it easier. (I wish there were some people that came with the same feature!)

    As far as big brother, we need to embrace him. He knows so much about us, he may be a good person to turn to when we need a post idea or two!

  6. I had to check you out! I love the song and the singer, so how could I not? Like others said, you are funny. Not funny like lmao, but enough to create a breath of fresh air on a hot and humid tropical day.

    Ahhh re anonymity, I totally get you. I opened my new blog http:/ because I began to get followers on my previous blog which was like a personal journal.

    I hope to learn how to move some posts from there, which I think are good and not self incriminating.

    Definitely following you!

  7. Love your blog, writing/sense of humor. “Boy named Sue” was one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs. I know what you mean by losing focus. I wrote in a journal for years and just stopped for whatever reason, guess life got in the way. I think I had a better frame of mind when I did write. I am hoping to get back to that place someday soon.
    Will be following you for sure. Have a wonderful rest of the day :0

  8. a Boy Named Sue says:

    Hi TalentedPink, umadYet, Lilly and CherokeeWind.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the kind words.
    Means a lot really. Hope to get by your blogs soon.

  9. That’s really interesting ~ about maintaining privacy while publically blogging! I feel the same. I am a very private person yet I blog to the world. It is a strange paradox.

  10. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…..” How interesting that so many of us want to blog but also remain anonymous. I too am on the Zero to Hero journey and much appreciate the realization that I’m experiencing a common phenomena not a personal paradox……

    I’m enjoying your blog, Sue. Found it via a link from Jenn on her blog.

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