Blog U. 101 – Day 5: Love your theme

Trying to carve a theme I like or want has been a challenge. I finally settled on one but for whatever reason there is one aspect of it that won’t do what I want it do. The Fictiv theme is what I’m using and the left menu side has an option to stay fixed but for some reason mine won’t.

I am giving quite a bit of consideration to actually laying down some bucks to buying one of the premium themes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot extra bucks these days. But then who does right?

I did try a few though. First one was AutoFocus.
I kinda like it but maybe I need more content for it to actually look good.








Next one I tried was Triton Lite. It’s really similar to AutoFocus but it has a slider at the top. Again, I think I need more content to make this one work.








Then there was one that I tried to make work but still didn’t quite like it as much as Fictiv. This one is The Suburbia Theme. Maybe I’ll use that pic of my stepson holding that bottle cap for me though. It says “Peace, Love, Beer.”








Last but not least… Lovebirds. I don’t think this one is really my style. Even with a photo of my dearly departed Ginger as the logo. Her sticking her tongue out like that is what I think of this theme for me. : )



5 thoughts on “Blog U. 101 – Day 5: Love your theme

  1. Look at me copying you and rocking the Fictive theme! As to the “static” sidebar, it all comes down to your viewers resolution and if the entire sidebar could fit if static. Too big and it will scroll.

    • a Boy Named Sue says:

      Thanks for the tip Chris.
      That Fictive theme is pretty cool, huh. Of all the free themes on it’s the one I like the best although there are a couple of others I might try to work with to really hone down how I want my site to look. Maybe when I get more content. : )

      • I suppose the benefit of being a self-hosted WordPress blogger is that my access to a larger ecosystem of free themes gives me so many freaking options. I also suppose the detriment is that the ecosystem is so freaking large! Too many choices!

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