Blog U 101 – Day 6: to my dream reader

So I’ve always been told there are three things you shouldn’t talk about in polite company: money, politics and religion. At the risk of losing everyone of my followers, I’ll be touching on two of those.

There are some people whose view of the nature of God is that He can do anything. Their view of The Almighty is that He has the ability to do… ANYTHING. So with that in mind, let’s put aside Muhammed (PBUH), the last messenger of Allah. Put aside Jesus the Christ, Lord and Savior, the son of Yaweh. Krishna?… this is so complex no need to forget Him. We westerners just don’t get it. Incarnation of Lord Vishnu? Son of Vishnu? Let’s put aside Moses and especially Monty Python’s version where there were originally 15 commandments. Woops.

No. Let’s forget all the middle men. My dream reader… the Big Guy. The Buck Stops Here Guy. El Jeffe. The Great Architect. (apologies to those who view The Divine as feminine) I’d like God to be the one who reads this post. s_u04_52582753

Because here’s the thing… the world is in a shambles. And the sole reason is because of people. Human beings in general are assholes. And I’d like to see a change. I’d like to see a government listen to its people. I mean REALLY listen and give even the slightest impression that they are willing to meet at a bargaining table instead of inciting the masses to start riots.

I’d like to see church leaders use their power and influence to motivate people to be their Highest selves instead of using it to diddle little boys in the rectory. I’d like to see the Divine Spark that is in everyone burn a little brighter and

show up a little more often instead of seeing on the evening news a story about some little girl who was abducted 17 years ago and was found only because the perp made a mistake or stories of punk ass thugs who cowardly cold-cock unsuspecting victims who are merely walking down the sidewalk. Knock-Out-Game

I’d like to see corruption in mankind’s heart dissipate. I’d like to see the evil, hurtful things we do to each other become an anomaly. And I’d like to see us make real efforts to quit pissing and shitting all over the only home we have.

To my dream reader: if you’re really out there and if you really can do anything, what do you think? Can you?… or is your existence just something we humans tell ourselves because we are terrified about actually taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

Maybe we SHOULD take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. And when we’ve changed the world and made it better we should get down on our knees and thank God for giving us the good sense to make it happen on our own.


5 thoughts on “Blog U 101 – Day 6: to my dream reader

  1. If only more of our brothers and sisters had this same compassion..then the change you are speaking of would happen. Why aren’t there more of you in the world? Ignorance is bliss? Delusional? No..selfishness..because standing up and making a change means disrupting the perfect little bubble world we try and hide ourselves in. You speak the truth that we all place blinders and headphones on to drown it out…to this I say, BNS(a boy named Sue)…”Soylent green is PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!” Carry on my friend..carry on..

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