Blogging U 101 – Day 11: say hi to the neighbors

Our Day 11 assignment for Blogging U. 101 was to find at least four new blogs that we have never commented on and… well, comment. introduce ourselves. Say hello.

So Kaz over at Days and Months is one person I found and made a first time comment. But I found her because I was making a first time comment over at fellow ZeroToHero Blogging U participant, Lyrallya at

In reading Kaz’s about Me page, i was struck by a couple of similarities regarding our interest in photography. We have had a long time love of photography and only recently (she in the past year) began shooting on a consistent basis. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a bit of connection… just a couple of similarities. The images she uses for her “Featured Image” on her posts are really quite wonderful. I highly recommend.

As for Lyrallya… she seems wiser than her 25 years of age would indicate, at least in her post (that all us Blogging U participants did) that was inspired by her About Me page. She writes about anticipating a need for her blog and to be able to use it decades down the road. Peeking through some of her posts, I found I like the way she writes and describes… well, just the every-day happenings of a young woman in Brussells.

Kat over at DandelionFuzz is one who I’ve been following for a couple of days but didn’t quite know how to say hello. She wrote a post about how she writes under a pen name and I thought, “hey!… here’s my in. I write under a pen name, too.” But I wanted to say so much more to her than just that. You see, she is writing about something very private that I can only imagine as being very difficult to put into words in such a public forum… she lost a daughter but gained a son. If you have something against transgendered kids or people, don’t go over to her space. Don’t be a jerk.

Lastly is Hugh over at Hugh’s Views and News. Actually, I think I left a comment over at his place yesterday but I like his style and admire his chutzpah for starting a blog despite having a mild bit of dyslexia.

*disclaimer* the featured image for this post is not my own. It came from Imgur and I have no idea who to give credit to.


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