Day 20: Blogging U. 101 – add a page

I’ve always thought that having a contact page of some sorts on a blog was sort of… I don’t know, unnecessary or a bit pretentious. I mean, if someone wants to say something to the blogger certainly they will do it in the comments.

However, going through the excercise of The Daily Post’s Blogging U. 101 and ‘meeting’ so many of my ‘classmates’, I have found a number of times where I would have liked to say something offline.

So with that in mind, for Day 21 of the Zero to Hero Blogging U. 101 assignment I’ve added a contact page.

Feel free to send me a message any time.


2 thoughts on “Day 20: Blogging U. 101 – add a page

  1. I did the same, Sue. Plus, when people asked me to send them info I had, we had to go through this weird rigamarole so that neither of us had to post email address for the spam vultures to prey on. having a contact page makes it all easier!

    • a Boy Named Sue says:

      What a REALLY good reason to have a contact page!… the spam vultures.

      In participating in ZeroToHero, I have come across some bloggers that I’m following who are writing about deeply moving, extremely personal stuff who I wanted to reach through and give a virtual hug and words of encouragement that I didn’t feel would be… I don’t know… appropriate?

      Not that I’m writing about deep, confessional stuff like that (yet 🙂 ), maybe it is a good idea and not pretentious after all to have that contact page.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      p.s. LOVED your pigeon plucking post. Still thinking about it. 😀

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