Photography: an exercise in ‘red’

In my About Me page I mentioned that I used to take pictures for a living or make ends meet by doing so and that it’s been a while since I’ve used a digital SLR. I think I make it sound like it’s been ages but in fact I think it’s only been about six years.

Nikon D100

The thing is I was using a pretty old camera though. I was using a Nikon D100.  The technology on my camera was cutting edge in 2002. The advance of technology in 11 or 12 years has been exponential. And it is unbelievably more so than when I was in the military and had my first experience with a digital SLR. My base received a new Kodak DCS 420 in 1994 and if I remember right it was a Nikon N8008 body with a big, bulky Kodak digital back slapped onto its back. I think it’s max resolution was 1.2 megapixels. Crazy, huh.

So although the basics of photography are still there, the technology AND THE BUTTONS on new DSLR cameras has changed a lot.

Photo Apr 23, 7 34 17 PMHere’s my new camera.
Yes… it’s red. It was given to me for Continue reading