Weekly Photo challenge: on the move

Something i haven’t mentioned here on the ol’ aBoyNamedSue blog is that I love to ride bicycles. The featured image is my current fave… a 1999 Trek 720 hybrid. One could easily argue i am bit obsessed about bicycles as i currently have eight bicycles in my stable… and those are just mine.

Hey don’t judge, besides some one will be used for parts and three will be sold. Hopefully.

Anyway, my wife and the boy share my love for riding bikes, too — maybe not quite as intensely — but they are pretty enthusiastic when we make a plan to go to a nearby cycling trail.

So for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought it appropriate that I use some pics from a recent ride out at Terry Hershey Park. That’s because the theme for the challenge was “On The Move”.

The daily post added a little extra challenge in doing this post with the WP app. All pics were taken with my cell phone. This post was written and posted using the WP app on an iPhone S4.

20140513-144147.jpgThe view and scenery at the park can be pretty nice. 😀

20140513-144201.jpgMrs aBNS getting ready to shove off.

20140513-144211.jpgaBoyNamed Sue’s really nice legs. They are nice right? *crickets chirping in background* Hey! quit staring at the wife’s butt and look at my legs!

20140513-144232.jpgSerenity now!!!