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“Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs: Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.”

Our assignment from yesterday above. My attempt below. I guess I pulled off little to no adverbs in this post but it seems like this may have veered  a little off the assignment’s intended course.


I went out to lunch today. It hasn’t been a normal occurrence the past few weeks. No, instead I eat at my desk and continuously put my brain through all kinds of calisthenics, trying to learn the intricacies and nuances of the job that our senior payroll clerk left a month ago.

Today, though, I decided to leave the office for an hour of respite. And where did I go? I decided I was going to sit. I decided I was going to take myself away from the grind if not for just 40 minutes. I decided to sit my big ass in a chair, at a table, with silverware and treat myself to some barbecue.

It’s strange isn’t it, how the smell of something so familiar can still take you back to a far off place. As I walk in to the restaurant synapses begin triggering and firing, chemicals and tiny electrical impulses flaring to create a view of my grandfather behind his grill basting a brisket and slow cooking chicken.

BCGs vietnam

by photobucket user Wayne Auld

In the military we called them BCG’s (birth control glasses). You know the type.. those black, plastic rimmed glasses that always popup during television features. There will be the requisite veteran from Vietnam holding a 3×5 black and white photo of himself, shirtless, youthful, strong, vibrant holding an M-16 against the backdrop of the jungle with those quirky glasses that are now so popular with young 20-something hipsters.

That’s what he wore. BCGs and despite Continue reading


Photography: an exercise in ‘red’

In my About Me page I mentioned that I used to take pictures for a living or make ends meet by doing so and that it’s been a while since I’ve used a digital SLR. I think I make it sound like it’s been ages but in fact I think it’s only been about six years.

Nikon D100

The thing is I was using a pretty old camera though. I was using a Nikon D100.  The technology on my camera was cutting edge in 2002. The advance of technology in 11 or 12 years has been exponential. And it is unbelievably more so than when I was in the military and had my first experience with a digital SLR. My base received a new Kodak DCS 420 in 1994 and if I remember right it was a Nikon N8008 body with a big, bulky Kodak digital back slapped onto its back. I think it’s max resolution was 1.2 megapixels. Crazy, huh.

So although the basics of photography are still there, the technology AND THE BUTTONS on new DSLR cameras has changed a lot.

Photo Apr 23, 7 34 17 PMHere’s my new camera.
Yes… it’s red. It was given to me for Continue reading


Weekly Photo challenge: on the move

Something i haven’t mentioned here on the ol’ aBoyNamedSue blog is that I love to ride bicycles. The featured image is my current fave… a 1999 Trek 720 hybrid. One could easily argue i am bit obsessed about bicycles as i currently have eight bicycles in my stable… and those are just mine.

Hey don’t judge, besides some one will be used for parts and three will be sold. Hopefully.

Anyway, my wife and the boy share my love for riding bikes, too — maybe not quite as intensely — but they are pretty enthusiastic when we make a plan to go to a nearby cycling trail.

So for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought it appropriate that I use some pics from a recent ride out at Terry Hershey Park. That’s because the theme for the challenge was “On The Move”.

The daily post added a little extra challenge in doing this post with the WP app. All pics were taken with my cell phone. This post was written and posted using the WP app on an iPhone S4.

20140513-144147.jpgThe view and scenery at the park can be pretty nice. 😀

20140513-144201.jpgMrs aBNS getting ready to shove off.

20140513-144211.jpgaBoyNamed Sue’s really nice legs. They are nice right? *crickets chirping in background* Hey! quit staring at the wife’s butt and look at my legs!

20140513-144232.jpgSerenity now!!!


The rarest of commodities

83880392I’m having a hard time keeping up. The phrase “so much to do and so little time” really applies to me right now. I feel like although I’m moving forward and staying afloat, there is a LOT of turbulance and controlled chaos underneath the calm sheen.

And this lack of time is not because of anything really special. I mean other people have similar things going on in their life I’m sure. I mean my stuff isn’t out of the ordinary:

* I go to work and have a butt-load of stuff to do and not enough time to do it;
* I have a part-time handyman business that keeps me busy most weekends;
* because of that, I have projects unfinished or unstarted around my house;
* I’m about 20 (fine!… I’ll be honest) 28 pounds overweight and have little time to get out and ride my bike;
* I have hobbies that I would love to be more practiced in but pursuing them fully would be a luxury.
* And with Blogging U. 101’s Zero to Hero challenge… well, at least I’ve read the emails.


Duck PictureI have a friend who confided in me that she feels like she’s having a mid-life crisis. My immediate thought was “oh crap, she’s not gonna go out and buy herself a shiny, red sports car, dump her hubby and come to church with a 20-something bit of eye candy wrapped around her arm is she?”

Of course, I know she wouldn’t and after talking for a bit she said she just wishes she had more time. Wishes things were… well, here’s what she said.

“I’m so totally overwhelmed with what is absolutely not one single thing more than a normal, everyday life. I just want to simplify so badly.”

Yep… me, too kid. Me, too.

Note: I wish I knew who to give credit to the photo in my featured image. I found it at the website,,  but when saving the image saw that it came from tumblr. So to person who took this photo, please I wasn’t trying to rip-off your work without proper attribution.