Day 22: Blogging U. 101 – attend a blog event

For Blogging U. 101 Day 22, our assignment is to put on our arm floaties and drift away from the safety of the Blogging U. 101 shallow end of the blog pool. We are to pick a Blog Event.

Blog events are daily, weekly, monthly, annually or sometimes one time prompts or writing/photo challenges that are intended to get creativity flowing and/or build community within your blogging circle.

There are a lot to choose from and I feel sort of like a freshman looking at all the choices you get for electives.

“oooh! I wanna do that one. No, this one. Wait, I kinda like this one. Hey that looks interesting.”

Years ago, (like in 2008) I tried NaNoWriMo but a week into it, there was a pretty traumatic life event that happened. Not to be all cryptic about it but it would detract from my point which is I’d like to get back to that novel I started. I thought (and still do when I re-read that beginning) that it was pretty good. I think attempting the Flash Fiction prompts and practicing over and over again writing will help in that endeavor.

Also in an effort to get my photo chops back to an acceptable, non-hack place, I might try one of the photo challenges. In fact, I’m leaning toward The Daily Post’s weekly challenge.

But for now… I give you my entries in the weekly Phoneography Challenge  sponsored by LensAndPensbySally which Continue reading